You Need Data for Testing?

  • Generate huge quantities of data for testing purposes
  • Create realistic sample data for the demonstration of your software
  • Avoid hours or days of tedious work of entering test data by hand
Mockup Data Screenshot - Click to Enlarge
Tester or database developer: populate your database quickly...

Start Within Minutes

You need no special training. MockupData is quick to install and very easy to use. Just add columns of your tables and start cranking results.

Light footprint: for example MockupData download is under 10MB. Within minutes from the moment you decide to download you will be actually populating your tables.

Preview your results in realtime. Preview pane automatically shows 10 records and regenerate them instantly while you are refining your columns. No need to go back and forth because you omitted something.

Generate Massive Amount of Data

Generate massive amount of data in a hurry. You will generate thousands of records without even noticing, and millions of records fairly quickly when you need them.

Define multiple tables and generate data for all of them at once. Simply tell what are foreign keys, and you don't have to worry about data for one table being compatible with data from another table.

MockupData generates CSV files. You can import data into any database on the market. And you don’t need database connection either.

Quickly Get Realistic Data

Populate your databases with realistic data. Records look realistic: real names, real addresses, etc. And you don't need to use production data!

Predefined sets of frequently needed data: names, surnames, countries, streets, etc. Numbers, dates and times in various flavors and flexible formats.

Combine rules to define how exactly each table column should be populated. With such flexibility you can precisely define columns for your tables.

Generate random values from your own data. Just provide your data in a text file; extremely useful for your specific identifiers, key-value pairs and similar.

Your product saved me days of effort. I have populated 20 tables with detailed records in a single afternoon. Thank you!"
- Daniel Mosmondor,

This is great, I’ve just needed this today and it just works :) I have generated a million records in 1-2 min. Good work! Similar functionality doesn’t work as expected in other tools and I’m often frustrated when I need to produce a data sample. Congratulations!"
- Darko Bensic,